Laura Colome

Rosa Teixidor is the author of the concept, the director and the actress from the play “Das Idealpaar”. She asked me to take the pictures to illustrate the project on her website. The photographic work became a project itself, where I took photos of different kinds of "ideal couples" performed only by two actors. All couples are a cliché, they are taken from a film, or they play the same role as current couples.
Das Idealpaar focuses on the experiences of a couple to show the way intimate relationships are evolving in our society.
Das Idealpaar is an audiovisual creation in real time about the “everywhere presence” enabled by video technology. In this way, it combines images, streaming media and rear projection effects. The show tries to synthesize the different types of virtual communication through the Internet, and the way they are transforming our society, our lives and interaction.

You can see all the photos visiting: